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Adyan Consultants Private Limited is pioneer in providing recruitment solutions to various industries such as Sales and Marketing, Hotels, Financial Institutions, Real Estate, Accounting, Air-lines, Back Office Operations and all the other many private sectors.

With the motto to provide best job to the best person, we strive hard in bringing expert solutions in HR, recruitments, management, consulting and trainings. Our primary objective is to bridge the gap between business opportunities and technology solutions. The core element of our approach that makes us stand ahead of other recruiting firm is Total Quality Management (TQM).

We strictly adhere to maintain complete transparency and apply a systematic approach while finding the right candidate for our clients’ organization. We also have a proven record of recruiting thousands of overseas management professionals.

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Outsourced HR Services

Manpower Recruitment

A company’s human resource creates the strongest foundation. Therefore, as a renowned manpower recruitment agency, Adyan Pvt Ltd ensures you get the best minds by selecting candidates through a rigorous selection process.

Head Hunting

Adyan, being the best consultancy in Kolkata for jobs provides unique headhunting services for the recruitment of top-quality senior and mid-level employees. We are extremely popular among jobseekers, therefore, our market mapping capability is undoubtedly suitable for any type of business.

Hiring and Training

We not only hire but also ensure that every individual gets proper training to become ready for their ventures. We conduct professional training sessions where the best minds get converted into efficient employees.

Get the Best Manpower from Adyan Consultants PVT LTD: The Best Job Consultancy in Kolkata

As a renowned manpower recruitment agency in Kolkata, we strive to provide you with effective HR solutions that will help you to acquire the best talents from the market.

Choose Adyan Consultants PVT LTD for the Best Job Consultancy in Kolkata

With years of experience in the HR industry, we are a team of professionals offering top-notch recruitment facilities in Kolkata. We help recruit in diverse sectors such as

  • Hotels
  • Sales, and Marketing
  • Real-Estate
  • Accounting
  • Airlines
  • Back Office, and other corporate sectors.

Our motto is to help you reach the best person in the industry

  • Who will contribute significantly to the growth of your business
  • Knowledgeable in the respective field
  • Has better corporate skills, etc.

Our expertise includes HR, recruitment, management, consulting, and training. We mainly focus on TQM or Total Quality Management which is why our solutions are the best in the market.We understand your unique requirement, and that is why our selection process is tailored accordingly to offer you the best service possible in the market. Besides, our working process is completely transparent, unbiased, and the right approach to hiring competent employees.

We’re Reliable & Cost Efficiant Recruitment Agency

  • For Employers
  • For Candidates

  • 24 hour support.
  • 1st round screening
  • 60 days replacement guarantee.

  • Support on hiring employeers
  • Get rxceptional service for growth
  • Outsourced consulting business

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