Our Services

Manpower Recruitment

Being one of the leading recruitment firms, Adyan Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is known for providing excellent manpower recruitment services to the clients worldwide. We select the candidate undergoing a strict selection procedure to make sure the client get the the brightest candidate.

Head Hunting

At Adyan Consultants Pvt. Ltd., we provide head hunting services for the recruitment of middle and senior level professionals. Through complete industry mapping, our efficient employees find out the best profiles suiting the clients’ requirements. Our employees also provide the complete information to the candidate about the job parameters, the package and the positive effect of the job role on their career.

Hiring and Training

Adyan Consultants Pvt. Ltd. hires the right professionals to convert them to their employees. After hiring, we arrange an effective training session for the employees to make them more efficient in their job roles and bring a great boost in their career.

Internship Program

The internship programme of Adyan Consultants Pvt. Ltd. offers a great opportunity to the eligible candidates to acquire a practical work experience in their relevant field. It helps them get a chance to start their career from a reputed firm and prepare for their future career.

Bulk Hiring Solutions

Adyan Consultants Pvt. Ltd. fulfills the clients’ bulk hiring needs maintaining specific deadline so that the work and projects are not affected. Our transparent and effective testing procedures ensure quality bulk-hiring process. Campus hiring solution comes under the bulk hiring solutions that brings the best deserving candidates in bulk at the same time.

Customer Care Solutions

We are also taking a step forward and serving our exquisite companies with the newly launched BPO Service.

We are currently engaged with a new process Meesho and is servicing their clients with our humble customer service.

We in near future look forward to endeavor more BPO service to different esteemed organizations as our team is always looking for the next step as they reach one.