Internship Program

Adyan Consultancy: The Best Internship Program Service Provider in Kolkata

Are you an organization looking for well-qualified interns to help you support your organizational growth? Well, internship programs definitely offer a great asset in helping you achieve greater insight into connecting with the top-notch talent from among the student community. We, at Adyan Consultantss help you in finding the best perfect fit for your internship programs.

Why Hire Interns?

Interns are quite unlike the regular recruitment means and they provide you a fresh perspective in your recruitment tasks. The interns are known for their great perspective and enthusiasm for your organization. They come with a willingness to learn and that is what makes them a valuable set for your organization. Some benefits that you stand to gain with internship programs include:

  • It is a highly affordable solution – Interns can work with lower wages and provide you with a cost-effective means to complete your organizational tasks.
  • They offer a recruitment pipeline – Interns can serve you as the talent pipeline. You can evaluate them for your future recruitment needs.
  • They bring innovation and creativity – Interns being young minds can bring innovative ideas on several issues or problems you may be having in your organization.

What Makes Us the Perfect Internship Programs Consultants in Kolkata?

We have been one of the most promising internship program consultants in Kolkata. As efficient internship program consultants, our goal is to provide the best working conditions for interns and the perfect talent for the organization seeking internship programs.

  • Effective pre-screening – We conduct an initial screening so that you can get the cream of the talent.
  • Customized job listings – We assist you in creating customized internship job listings to meet your exact needs. We also help you create perfect job listings.
  • Support and guidance – The high-end support and guidance offered throughout the recruitment process make us a clear leader in making learned decisions.

How Does Our Internship Program Work?

We follow an easy internship program without compromising on quality.

Our internship programs work through multiple phases –


  • Registration – You can simply register with us for the internship program. We follow an easy registration process.
  • Internship listings – We post your internship listings through our interface. We collaborate with your HR department to help us understand your goals.
  • Candidate selection – We undertake a thorough screening before forwarding the cream of the talent to you for the final interview.
  • Onboarding – After the selection of interns, we help in a smoother onboarding process. You can expect a well-planned onboarding process.


What are you waiting for? Book an appointment with the best internship program agency in Kolkata and stand a chance to get the best possible experience in dealing with the right approach for your internship program.